Community Multisig (4-of-6) Deployment

This post references this Discord message posted in the #governance channel of the Compound Protocol Discord, and refers to Discord usernames from that channel.

In a community-driven effort with stewardship from @arr00, a Community Multisig has been deployed that can, through the governance process, be voted into usage by the protocol for a variety of purposes: for example, to act as Pause Guardian ; or in the future, to act as Borrow Limit Guardian .

Six community members have been proposed as signers in a 4-of-6 multisig:

1 - @aaaaaaaaaaaaa: 0x57ded091cea8ffb590d6d72ba64a816bfc3521ff
2 - @arr00: 0x2b384212edc04ae8bb41738d05ba20e33277bf33
3 - @blck: 0x54a37d93e57c5da659f508069cf65a381b61e189
4 - Compound Labs: 0x8b8592e9570e96166336603a1b4bd1e8db20fa20
5 - Dharma (@0age) : 0x7e4a8391c728fed9069b2962699ab416628b19fa
6 - @Jared F.: 0xF515DCb89e67bb5D52b857d11f6C0cC2aD7D0167

@arr00 has already created a multisig at 0xbbf3f1421D886E9b2c5D716B5192aC998af2012c using Gnosis Safe. @arr00 and @blck’s participation and addresses have already been confirmed, and been added as signers to that multisig.

The remaining proposed signers have been asked to confirm their addresses and participation in Discord. Following those confirmations, @arr00 will add all cofirmed addresses as signers to the multisig.

Subsequently, governance may choose to vote in the multisig for usage in the protocol.


As an update, you can see a list of current owners/signers on the gnosis safe multisig here:

So far, Compound Labs, Dharma, @arr00 , and @blck 's public keys have been added as owners/signers. We await addition of @aaaaaaaaaaaaa and @Jared F. , and then the Community Multisig will be ready for use as desired.

Update: all addresses have been added and the Community Multisig is ready for use.