Compound <> Atlantis World

Hey everyone!

Rev co-founder @ Atlantis World here. We’d love to explore collaboration with the Compound community to build the best possible experience for you within Atlantis World.

Introduction to Atlantis World

Atlantis World is a pixel metaverse with token-gating, video calling, gamified DeFi + in-game DAO voting. We believe that as much as metaverse should be open, it should be accessible (lightweight) + plug into DeFi applications in a fun / gamified way.

Existing virtual worlds are inaccessible because they have a 3d/immersive focus, resulting in a high-cost barrier to entry (since in order to enjoy seamless loading experience, users must go out + buy the latest iPad / gaming pc, this technology / hardware is neither inexpensive or readily available globally).

Also, we believe that we are missing a huge onboarding opportunity into DeFi as a collective space by not gamifying leading dApps / protocols inside of virtual worlds with additional interactive learning modules.

We are adding video/audio calling capabilities to user-owned, token-gated spaces inside of our pixel metaverse for communities to interact with each other; whilst gamifying DeFi protocols like Aave / Yearn / Sushi, curating interactive learning modules in our Web3 Academy + gamifying DAO voting.

To provide further value to the space, we’re exploring adding tooling products like CoinGecko to the Atlantis experience, as well as transforming our favourite NFT avatars into versatile, hyper-composable playable characters by building open source sprite sheets + full walk cycles ready to be used by those communities not just in Atlantis, but in all of pixel metaverse.

We’re also building public spaces + rethinking decentralized governance in collaboration with our community. We plan to build the City of Atlantis → ​​a buzzing, entrepreneurial capital owned / governed by its users / inhabitants, where ETH is money + creative culture is king. If users want to open a business, like a virtual cafe, music venue, movie theatre or an independent art exhibition, they’ll be able to apply to occupy land for free to do something creative.

Adding value to the COMP ecosystem

We can provide long term value to the Compound ecosystem in a number of ways.

  • Integrating Compound Protocol inside of Atlantis (i.e. users will access Compound within the DeCentral Bank building all across Atlantis World).
  • Building fully Web3-enabled token gated space for the COMP holders community with NFTs, video calling, DeFi + in-game DAO voting! The space will be map sized and totally personalized with Compound brand assets.
  • Creating interactive learning modules centred on Compound to onboard new users into DeFi.
  • Enabling network effects by rolling out gamified Compound products in our public spaces and spaces of other DeFi communities such as Yearn to onboard more users who are already Web3 native.
  • Adding a portal to, a Compound booth (where users can learn more) and Compound building to Atlantis City.
  • Airdropping token gated space to the COMP community.
  • Compound wearables + in-metaverse branded items inside of Atlantis World.
  • Compound (core) contributors token-gated (NFT/POAP/social token etc) co-working space.
  • Other suggestions from COMP contributors / community.

Additional support requests

We’d highly appreciate some support on our mission to collaborate and provide value to the COMP ecosystem / community:

  • Grant funding;
  • Mentorship;
  • Tech support;
  • Community / user feedback and collaborative efforts;
  • Joint marketing.



Discord: Atlantis World

Hack FS submission (won Best DeFi Project on Polygon, as well as prizes from Aave, Audius) → Atlantis World · ETHGlobal Showcase

Yearn announcement:

The Defiant featuring Yearn <> Atlantis + Aleksandr from Axie Infinity:

Demo (v0.4):

// we’re currently just debugging some huge updates before pushing them to the main link, such as buying and viewing NFT collections on Rarible, as well as auctions, minting and crafting (even basic treasure hunt feature) and depositing into Yearn.

// We’re also exploring adding other DeFi products and chains, such as CREAM on Fantom, and Aave on Avalanche, whilst building v2 of our Audius widget (so users can sign in and play their own music / playlists) and adding a billboard of crypto market data powered by CoinGecko; v1 will feature live price feeds of ETH, YFI, MATIC, AUDIO and any other ecosystem partners we onboard.

Final Notes

Our current ecosystem partners have social media communities of 1M+ that will be invited to beta test Atlantis and become our early adopters. Joint marketing is a core part of our GTM and we’re onboarding new partners at an unprecedented rate.

We also plan to enable network effects for all parties involved, by incentivising and encouraging different partner communities to try each other’s products inside of Atlantis. As well as this, we’ll also target non crypto natives with interactive learning for DeFi and other Web3 building blocks like DAOs, blockchain games and blockchain wallets.

We currently have 1000+ early access sign ups, and 1.2k super active Discord users.