Compound Grants Program


@sukernik Thanks for the detailed responses and addressing the concerns of the community. I’m excited to see this as a proposal.


Speaking from experience of having been an undergrad who applied to several EF + Maker grants any money makes a difference. What makes a bigger difference is the community and support. In fact, a big reason of why I got into DeFi is the Maker grant program and the support from the other people who were building things through the grant program at the same time! If we can create a community for the people who are building things in the grant program, I think that can go a long way! :smiley:


The goal should be to make it as accessible as possible to people who are in need of it!

That said, I think this is significantly quicker than other grants or incubators that I’ve applied to in the past and if we can actually have decisions within 10 days or less that’s brilliant!

For more context, as a scrappy first time founder I applied to several grants and incubators. Any money when you are small makes a difference and goes a long way. 2 * $10k = $20k enough to cover cost of a simple audit.

EF grant application took months. The Maker grant process took 3-4 weeks. Non crypto grant programs required connections. Some university based grant programs took months. The Dfinity grant program took months. I still applied to every single one of those. $10k across several grant programs starts to add up!

YC takes a couple months of work for $125k and 7%? (not sure if this has changed since).

I still applied to all those grants and incubators because the application process (especially for YC) very clearly helped me think through parts of the business that I hadn’t previously. They forced me to crystallize my ideas.

The most important thing in the process is to make sure the grant program is tailored towards helping builders succeed. I think people will invest time into the process if they are able to see how the application itself helps them succeed.


Great suggestion.

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As well as thinking this is a good idea, I’ll just throw in the newbie question here:
What is the quorum threshold, and/or other criteria for success currently? (Mildly surprised I don’t see them on the vote page. I see the green bar, but I’m not sure that counts for anything)

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Tnx for answer, with your statements and little research I am totally support selected team and proposal.I hope this will accelerate the development of the Compound protocol and improve communication and align the interests of long-term users and early investors.

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Thanks for being in favor of the program!

The quorum threshold is 400k COMP (you can find more in-depth documentation here).

Just to walk you through the process in a bit more detail, the proposal currently has ~1.37mm votes. If that doesn’t change, the proposal should pass and be queued for a two-day timelock. After the timelock passes, the proposal can be implemented.

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