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Communications Thread

This thread has been created for the sole purpose of communication of the decisions made by HKUST-EPI on Compound Finance’s proposals and governance matters.

This thread can be treated as HKUST-EPI’s Delegate Platform.


In Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), the visions and ideas which new technologies are developed from should be embraced and nurtured. Students are encouraged to explore and trailblaze on any potential new frontiers.

As blockchain technology is still maturing and adoption is rapidly increasing, continuous education and development should be established. For mainstream adoption to be achieved, strategic planning as well as proper decision making and marketing is required.

EPI Lab (Research Lab) would like to contribute to the growth of Compound Finance by being a delegate. The primary angle which EPI lab considers each governance matter is of a risk based approach, other considerations are also involved.

Participation in decentralised finance on a blockchain, would provide greater insights and experiences which can be shared to the students and collaborating academies.

The research lab will be solely responsible for Governance matters to Decentralised Finance protocols with assistance from other Faculty members on other matters such as, Research, Education, Business Development and Web3 developments.

HKUST-EPI has exposure to governance participation in other protocols:

  • MakerDao

HKUST-EPI sincerely encourages all Compound Finance stakeholders to delegate with the research lab to garner more voting power in the decision making process.

Waiver of liability

By delegating to Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, you acknowledge and agree that Hong Kong University of Science and Technology will participate on a best efforts basis and will not be liable for any form of damages related to participation in Compound Finance.


Poll #142: Voted Against

The conservative nature of the adjustment of the wBTC parameters do not justify the detriments to the borrowers during this bear market.

Poll #144: Voted For
In hopes of increasing the utilisation rate for Compound V3 onboarding staked ETH as a collateral would encourage more borrowings of USDC.

Poll #145: Voted For

  • Base on the minor rise in asset price, and the increase demand of COMP
  • We are in support of the increase in supply of COMP from 600 to 900k