Lower Proposal Threshold to 100 COMP

Once again, I am working on having all delegations and voting paid for by the protocol. I’ll relay the txs in batches to save on gas.


I don’t think it’s really that great idea, as someone might imagine. It sounds like what we all need just to make limit lower and then suddenly community will be able to write code, test it and implement a proposals. Guess what, vast majority of community is just not technically capable of it no matter what. And if someone can write code, than surely that person is capable to publish it on github, link to it from forum and somebody could create a proposal if it’s really that good.

That’s a first thing. Nothing is preventing community from creating anything and coming with proposals after they actually have something, rather than just claim that we can’t implement something because not enough voting power.

Secondly, what i personally think isn’t that there is that much lack of power for community, but rather lack of some simple utilities in Compound governance UI.

I believe it’s road ending in dead-end trying to implement like every aspect of discussion on-chain.

There is no real need for that and hardly any benefit. I would suggest just adding simple voting interface and some sort of voting UI for proposing something like new listings, or changing parameters. There’s no need for on-chain governance for that, as it doesn’t trigger any actual change in protocol, just basically count votes from holders of COMP to monitor if something have support from community or not. And for that you don’t really even need a on-chain transaction, just check amount of comp at address and count it towards “yes”, or “no”. You can think of it just as sort of primaries, a tool for checking support for certain implementations, and for such system there’s indeed no need for high comp holder barrier. I’d say even double-digit COMP pretty much should be fine to create some vote-gathering proposal.

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Great idea. Snapshot Labs product has gotten a lot of traction recently, probably the simplest way to implement gasless signal voting.

It’s super exciting to see the level of interest in lowering barriers to participating governance. I personally can’t wait to see this process continue to evolve.

In the meantime, to follow up on @rleshner’s previous message on Autonomous Proposals - these are now live :slight_smile: https://medium.com/compound-finance/compound-autonomous-proposals-354e7a2ad6b7

If you have 100 COMP, you can visit https://app.compound.finance/vote and create an Autonomous Proposal. Once the Autonomous Proposal has >100,000 votes delegated to its address, any user can submit its proposal into the formal governance process. Try it out and share your Autonomous Proposal URL/address!