New feature: Login with Unstoppable Domains

Hi Compound community! I’m Jordi from Unstoppable Domains! :wave:

We’re on a mission to put people back in control of their data and identity with NFT domains. Once you buy your NFT domain, you own it forever. Your NFT domain is your name on the internet, payment address for ALL of your cryptocurrencies, your own website URL, and your login for the decentralized web.

We have registered over 2.2M NFT domains and support 170+ applications, including the largest wallets, exchanges, and brands on the decentralized web. That’s why we want to add Compound to that list!

mulili.crypto, a developer from our community, will be submitting a pull request in the next few days with this integration.

Proposal summary

Integrate Login with Unstoppable Domains as one of the Login options in Compound.

What is Login with Unstoppable Domains?

With your Unstoppable Domain you can access all of your favorite dApps and sites while using your unique NFT domain as a username. With Login with Unstoppable, people can verify their identity and share the data they want (including metadata and proof of ownership) across various apps and metaverses, all while maintaining 100% ownership and control of their digital identity.

Feature Spotlight :flashlight:: Humanity Check

Humanity Check is a new feature from Unstoppable Domains. It allows you to prove that you are a unique person without sharing any of your personal information with the app, enriching your experience and collecting rewards, all while keeping you private.

With Humanity Check, applications have a way to solve sybil attacks while elevating customer experience and engagement, distribute rewards to unique individuals and enable governance based on one-vote per person.

What UD will bring to Compound

Your username in Web3

Those who login to Compound using Login with Unstoppable, will have their NFT domain as a username, such as brad.crypto:

Reverse resolution (in the next pull request)

Instead of having to see long wallet addresses, there will be human-readable usernames (NFT domains):

In the future, we’re evaluating the possibility of allowing Compound users to claim a free NFT domain to login to Compound (and 100+ other dApps!) and send & receive crypto with one simple domain name.

Drop a comment if you’d like to see this live! :point_down:

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