[RFP12 Implementation] cToken Cleanup

Hi all! The final upgrade proposal is up and will start voting soon :grin:

Our integration test to verify the proposal can be viewed here

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From what I tell by clicking on the link for RFP12, RFP12 was $250,000, but the current proposal is requesting $350,000. “In addition to updating the implementation, it grants $350,000[1] worth of COMP to Equilibria for the upgrade work and 79,764.36 USDC to Compound Labs for the ChainSecrity audit of the protocol[2].”

Did the work completed also cover RFP13 or 14? Or is there perhaps another explanation (or perhaps, other discussion/thread) that explains the difference in the amounts? Thanks for any clarification.

Yes! Sorry for the confusion - we should have mentioned in earlier posts that the upgrade also has some gas savings, about 8k total across the main mint/redeem/borrow flows. So after discussing with the Compound Labs team we thought it was fair to also claim RFP14. You can see the gas savings from the gas profiler here


Hi all - we’re super happy to announce that this upgrade has been executed and live for the past two days! This concludes Equilibria’s work for RFP12 and 14 - we look forward to more productive community building :slight_smile:


Thank you @qlo and team! :pray: