USDT: A Question

Hello there,

I supplied the market with USDT a couple of days ago when the APY was at 7%± and received cUSDT, however I noticed that it has been removed from the list of tokens at the landing page, why is that?


Hmm, that’s strange. I still see it up on the Markets section with an interest rate for both supply and borrow.

@jthrack do you have any (USDT) deposited?

No. Are you then talking about metamask integrated landing page/dashboard? It was unclear what you meant by “landing page”.

@jthrack, yes, metamask integrated browser doesn’t show USDT , is that a known bug?

@khalidhamdi Sometimes metamask removes it sometimes. you can always check your balance of coins (all, not the ones metamask decides to show you) at or on the assets tab of metamask, click add token, then type cusdt, or go to “custom token” and type in for the address: 0xf650c3d88d12db855b8bf7d11be6c55a4e07dcc9

hope this solves your problem!

@TennisBowling I do use etherscan and other apps to track my tokens, I was just concerned that this might be a broader issue and not just specifically a metamask one, thank you for the help.

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