User-friendly yield farming solution for DeFi novices

Have you ever found yourself struggling to explain how Compound Finance works to friends or family eager to dive into DeFi but overwhelmed by the details? If you’re looking for a way to help them earn yield by becoming an LP without the steep learning curve, let us introduce you to Return Finance.

Return Finance is a mobile and web app designed to help DeFi novices start earning yield in a streamlined and regulated way:

  • Simple Onboarding: Just deposit USD (the app will convert it to USDC) or transfer USDC directly into your own segregated custodial wallet on Polygon. Then pick the sum you’d like to stake in the Compound protocol (on the Base network) and the Return smart contract will bridge the funds and execute the liquidity provisioning on your behalf. You’ll start earning yield in minutes.
  • Transparent Operations: Unlike other CEX Earn programs and custodial yield solutions, with Return users receive an auditable transaction hash for every action. This ensures transparency and trust in where their funds are moving and how they are being used.
  • Automated Compounding: We streamline the earning process by automatically compounding rewards daily, so your friends won’t need to manually re-stake or calculate returns.
  • Zero Fee Staking: Say goodbye to gas fees for staking and unstaking on Compound. We absorb these costs to maximize your earnings, and there is no lock-up on your money.
  • Regulated and Secure Service: With an EU VASP authorization and membership in Switzerland’s Financial Services Standards Association (VQF), Return Finance adheres to top-tier financial compliance standards. This includes strict KYC, KYB, and AML processes. Our partnership with Fireblocks ensures that all custodial assets are secure and insured.

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We built Return Finance to lower the entry barriers to earning yields on DeFi and make it as accessible as possible. We’d appreciate the community’s support and would love to hear your feedback on the project.

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The Return Finance Team

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In light of the news of liquidation of the Yield app project, we want to make sure that users and partners understand that Return Finance represents a next-gen yield product, distinct from other players in the market.
Return Finance does not employ the ‘centralized black box’ model. We are not an intermediary or a fund manager. Our product, through the Return Smart Contract, is a technology that enables users to stake, unstake, and restake on DeFi in a streamlined manner. Users hold the power to decide which DeFi protocol their money goes to and initiate the deposit. This way, they have full visibility into where their returns are generated. As noted in our previous post, transaction hashes for each movement are provided in-app and can be verified on the respective blockchain explorer. Since we do not ‘hold’ user assets, even in the unlikely event of Return’s bankruptcy, user funds will remain safe on-chain, deposited in the AMM protocol and retrievable. The security of money held on-chain is one of the most important characteristics of decentralization and a cornerstone of our product philosophy.

The Return Finance Team