About the license for forking Compound V3

Hi, I’m nekomura, a member of DFGC (DeFi Geek Community Japan) .
We have a plan to fork Compound V3 for our community.
We want a Compound V3-based protocol where ETH, USDC, and CJPY can be set as the base assets and TXJP can be used as collateral.
Here, CJPY is a new stable coin DFGC developed, and TXJP is the community token of DFGC.

We believe that this fork protocol is intended for community use and not for commercial purposes,
so it should not violate the license. However, we would like to hear any opinions on this matter.

Hi Nekomura did you get any replies in the meantime ?
I would also be interested if someone could share information regarding the license for Compound V3 forks ?
What is the procedure if someone decides to make a fork ? Is there a file that I could follow that explains this further ?

Thanks in advance !