Call to Action - cUNI Proposal UP1.2 (Community-Enabled Analytics)

I’m not sure if we’re still actively pursuing this Snapshot strategy, but I’d say now is better time than ever to revive the option to vote with our cUNI allotment for this current proposal.

More information around this can be found in this Tweet by Dune Analytics. There is not much time, so I’m not sure if we’re too late already, but it seems worth at least trying to rally the cUNI troops and align accordingly.

I’m not able to post this myself right now, so if anyone can get this up and running, it’d be much appreciated! There’s barely 1 day left on this proposal, and I feel cUNI governance can have a real impact on the outcome if we act fast.

Thanks @Shubiwubi.

The good news is that @getty was able to successfully cancel the UNI proposal because the proposing address’ balance fell below the required threshold during the voting period. Way to go @getty!

Further complicating the matter was a previously undiscovered bug in the withTally interface causing ‘against’ votes to be incorrectly cast on-chain as ‘for’ votes. Fascinating stuff – albeit a bit scary.

Back to the question of cUNI voting: how about streaming COMP to someone (similar to the arrangement for @getty but probably a much lower rate to reflect the less demanding nature of the work) to manage the cUNI delegation process for us going forward? @arr00 has been doing this pro bono, which is lovely, but not as sustainable nor as time-sensitive as we could make it.

@arr00 would be a natural first choice, but they are already juggling several key dev initiatives for the protocol. Plus, we have many eager community members who are not developers in the traditional sense, and this could be an accessible way for one of them to contribute meaningfully to the protocol. What do y’all think?

Thanks for the reply, good news all around.

I love the idea about delegating the cUNI governance process to someone (or maybe even a small 2/3 multisig?) in order to keep this up-to-date and running. While it might not seem necessary all the time, this shows that on a short notice, we would have had a lot of potential power locked into the contract with no easy way to utilize the stake, unless withdrawn, so worth now making sure this is not going to happen again in the future.

Seeing how it is work for cUNI holders, why not directly stream some accrued cUNI from the reserve to this position? I think whoever gets the job would be happy either way :))

Hope y’all have a great start into this week, and looking forward to see this gain some traction!