Compound Community Call Meeting Minutes 8-18-2021

Compound Community Call

Meeting Minutes

August 18, 2021


The Compound Community Call (CCC) met via Twitter Spaces on August 18, 2021. Those in attendance were as follows:

|1|Getty Hill|Host|Yes|
|2|Robert Leshner|Boss|Yes|
|3|Alex Kroeger|Member|Yes|
|4|Kia Mosayeri|Member|Yes|
|3|Jacob Phillips|Member|Yes|
|4|John Morrow|Member|Yes|
|6|Eddy Lee|Member|Yes|
|8|Mick Hagen|Member|Yes|
|9|Crypto Jobs List|Member|Yes|
|11|Joey Santoro|Member|Yes|
|13|James Shalldon|Member|Yes|
|14|Gauthier Lemeur|Member|Yes|
|15|Will Wolf|Member|Yes|
|16|Joe Xie|Member|Yes|
|17|Jacob Shiach|Member|Yes|
|20|Michael Silberling|Member|Yes|
|21|Tom Bean|Member|Yes|
|22|Cris Garner|Member|Yes|
|23|Brave DeFi|Member|Yes|
|24|Thomas McCarthy|Member|Yes|
|25|Ben Zheng|Member|Yes|
|26|Taylor Brent|Member|Yes|
|27|The Real Frantz|Member|Yes|
|28|Hsien-Tang Kao|Member|Yes|
|29|Lauren Day|Member|Yes|
|30|Nelson Ryan|Member|Yes|
|33|Nick Cannon|Member|Yes|
|35|Timothy J. Hosek|Member|Yes|
|41|Kara Kastor|Member|Yes|
|44|Alex Klein|Member|Yes|
|45|Ralphtan 22|Member|Yes|
|46|Mike Reinhart|Member|Yes|
|47|Matt Orr|Member|Yes|
|49|Francoeur Dan|Member|Yes|
|51|Sam Jernigan|Member|Yes|
|54|Tyler Loewen|Member|Yes|
|55|L.C. Busby|Member|Yes|
|65|Josh Gage|Member|Yes|
|66|Clinton Anderson|Member|Yes|

Discussion Items:

  • Discussed proposals that have been recently passed, including collateral factors for new markets
  • Robert Leshner spoke of splitting collateral factors for supply and borrow sides
  • Discussed governance process and other DAOs as example models
  • Discussed hackathons as a way make a splash for roles vs. grants
  • Discussed process for adding markets. More formal and robust process vs “casual” process
  • Member proposed changing meeting time (currently at 6PM Pacific Time) to accommodate eastern coast time

There being no further business to come before the DC, the meeting was, upon motion duly made and seconded, adjourned.


Thanks for the recap @Panch0 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Love the idea of recaps for each call, it helps anyone who missed the call get a sense of what was discussed.

For those new to the community calls, there is a developer call every other week (next on Wednesday Aug 25th), and a general community call every other week (next on Wednesday, September 1st). Information is posted here on the forums and in Discord.

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I love this!

I should get into the habit of recording the calls, or if you want to do that as well, that would be amazing.