Compound Developer Community Call – August 25, 9:30am PT

On August 25, at 9:30am PT, the Compound community will hold its next Developer Community Call. This will be an open discussion forum for individuals and organizations developing protocol improvement proposals or building applications and projects that integrate the protocol.

Below is the high-level agenda for the upcoming call. Note that this call belongs to the community, and as a community member you are empowered to take this call in any direction you think best benefits the community. If you wish, you may help organize it, structure its agenda, lead it, etc.

  1. Welcome: Adam will provide a brief recap of the previous call.
  2. Proposal/Project Discussions: The following community members have volunteered to discuss the proposals and projects they are working on or considering working on.
  • Getty Hill and Eddy Lee - Refactoring Developer Tools
  • TylerEther - compSpeed Improvement Update
  • Patrick Ho - Stake Signal Update
  1. Open Forum: The community may ask questions of each other, request help/resources, introduce miscellaneous ideas, etc.

If there are any other proposals, projects, or topics you’d like to add to the agenda, please post on this thread or in the Compound Discord. Everyone is welcome to participate and contribute.

Lastly, the call will be audio-recorded; the recording and written notes will be shared in this thread for anyone who can’t make it.

Hope to see you on the call tomorrow!

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Hi Nick! I’d like to share progress on Stake Signal as well. We are testing out email notifications now and will be adding phone notifications soon.


Sounds great, we’ll mark you down!

Recording of this arriving soon?

here’s a link to the call recording: CDCC-2021-08-25.mp3 - Google Drive

And notes here