Compound Developer Community Call – Feb. 24, 09:30 PT

On February 24, at 9:30am PT, the Compound community will hold its next Developer Community Call. This will be an open discussion forum for individuals and organizations developing protocol improvement proposals or building applications and projects that integrate the protocol.

Below is the high-level agenda for the upcoming call. Note that this call belongs to the community, and as a community member you are empowered to take this call in any direction you think best benefits the community. If you wish, you may help organize it, structure its agenda, lead it, etc.

1. Welcome: Adam will provide a brief recap of the previous call.
2. Proposal/Project Discussions: The following community members have volunteered to discuss the proposals and projects they are working on or considering working on.

  • Tarun Chitra - COMP Vesting Proposal Update and Autogov Dashboard
  • Getty Hill / Paul Nattapatsiri - Price Feed Medianizer
  • Torrey Atcitty - Compound Chain Preview

3. Open Forum: The community may ask questions of each other, request help/resources, introduce miscellaneous ideas, etc.

If there are any other proposals, projects, or topics you’d like to add to the agenda, please post on this thread or in the Compound Discord. Everyone is welcome to participate and contribute.

Lastly, the call will be audio-recorded; the recording and written notes will be shared in this thread for anyone who can’t make it.

Hope to see you on the call tomorrow!


Thank you to everyone who was able to join the community call today! I’ve posted notes from the call below. You can also listen to a recording of the call here or watch a video of the call here.

Compound Developer Community Call Notes

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Gauntlet - Autogov Dashboard (starts at 2:55)

  • The Gauntlet Team presented a beta version of their Autogov dashboard, which evaluates system wide and individual market risk for the Compound protocol. Each market is given a collateral safety score of low, medium, or high based on the daily simulations that Gauntlet runs. As described in the accompanying forum post, the main inputs for the safety score are the average volatility, liquidity ratio, and average collateralization ratio of the market. Borrowers on Compound can use this dashboard as a helpful tool to see which assets are the safest collateral types, and which assets are likely to be de-risked by the community with a collateral factor decrease. The Gauntlet team is actively looking for community feedback on the dashboard ahead of a v1 launch, so reach out to @Tarun or @jmo on Discord.

Getty Hill & Sorawit Suriyakarn - Price Feed Medianizer (starts at 16:42)

  • Sorawit Suriyakarn, CTO of Band Protocol, walked the community through the code for a weighted median price oracle that the Band team has been building. The medianizer allows Compound governance to choose a set of reporters as the data source for asset prices, where the reporters could include centralized exchanges, on-chain decentralized exchanges, on-chain oracle networks, or reputable independent reports. Governance will have the ability to set the weight for each of these reporters with a setWeight function, and a price function will return the medianized price based on those weights. The current implementation of the medianizer supports data from the Open Price Feed, Chainlink, Band Protocol, and Keep3r. The Band team is preparing for a governance proposal after a community review, so reach out to @swit or @Paul_BAND with any feedback on the medianizer, or post your comments on the accompanying forum post.

Torrey Atcitty - Compound Chain Preview (starts at 32:50)

  • Torrey Atcitty, Application Lead at Compound Labs, shared a demo of Compound Chain, which is currently in an internal alpha stage. During the demo, Torrey showed the front end interface that contains sections for collateral assets, credit assets, and a connected MetaMask account. Torrey uploaded 50k of ZRX from the Ethereum Starport to Compound Chain, which provided him a Limit Multiplier to incur a credit balance, similar to collateral factors in Compound v2. Once the ZRX was successfully uploaded to Compound Chain, Torrey began earning interest in the form of CASH, the native unit of account on the network that is also used to pay transaction fees. Using the ZRX in Compound Chain as collateral, Torrey then downloaded USDC to his MetaMask wallet on Ethereum and the interface updated to show a negative credit balance of USDC that Torrey owes back to the protocol. Torrey also showed the ability to directly download CASH to any connected starport that supports it, which in this case was Ethereum. Lastly, Torrey executed a transfer of COMP on Compound Chain without ever owning the asset (by incurring a negative credit balance of COMP) and without paying any Ethereum gas fees. We encourage the community to ask any questions and provide feedback on Compound Chain in the #Development Discord channel, and look forward to sharing a testnet and documentation in the near future.
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Really great call! So much goodness to watch. Really feels like things are happening, and I’m excited for the future of the Compound protocol!

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