Compound Monthly Financial Report - Jan 23

Hey Compound Community

I am currently under review for a grant to make monthly financial reports for the DAO so I took the liberty to make the January report.

Compound Monthly Financial Report - Jan 23.


  • 2.3B USD in Supply on v2 & v3 of which 700m is borrowed.
  • v2 generated 1.4m for suppliers and 164k for the protocol reserves.
  • The DAO had 2.6m USD in expenses during January, of which 2m USD in COMP incentives.
  • Compound protocol treasury has 137m USD in assets, of which 128m in COMP.
  • Compound v2 had around 30% utilization ratio during January, v3 USDC was around 60%.
  • v3 USDC had a 250% collateralization ratio during January.

If you have any comments & suggestions or find inaccuracies in the data, reach out in the comments or via twitter.