Contribute to Compound

Hello Compound Community!

As a team of builders with DeFi experience, we would like to help Compound grow further. We are very open especially for projects related to Web App development with great UX, as we have already collected experience with one of the leading DeFi protocols in this area. Could you give me some input on where and how we can get more involved with the Compound community? Would be greatly appreciated! :smile:

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Hi Penny, welcome :wave: I think you already came to the right place! Have you also already joined the discord?


Hey jared,
Thanks very much for your reply and sorry for the belated answer. I have been part of the Compound discord for a while, however I’ve not been actively taking part. I have also checked out the current RFPs, but not applied for any just yet, as the team was unsure of what would be a good fit. Maybe we could get in touch to discuss the potential to work together with Compound?