ENS Text Records for Community-Sanctioned Deployments

Compound III has been live for over half a year now, with 2 separate deployments (USDC, WETH) on Ethereum mainnet and a third to come shortly on Polygon. With more markets being deployed over time and across different chains, it would be beneficial for the community to keep an on-chain ENS text record of all the community-sanctioned deployments. One use case of this record would be to inform front-ends of all the official deployments to surface to users.

As specified in Compound III’s BUSL license, any permitted uses of the Compound III codebase should be listed under the v3-additional-grants.compound-community-licenses.eth ENS subdomain. We propose storing the ENS text record under this subdomain as a JSON string with the following form:

type OfficialMarket {
  baseSymbol: string;
  cometAddress: string;

type OfficialMarkets {
  [chainId: string]: OfficialMarket[]

For example, the ENS text record for the current set of deployments will be as follows:

  '1': [
      baseSymbol: 'USDC',
      cometAddress: '0xc3d688B66703497DAA19211EEdff47f25384cdc3'
      baseSymbol: 'WETH',
      cometAddress: '0xA17581A9E3356d9A858b789D68B4d866e593aE94'

The compound-community-licenses.eth ENS domain is already owned by the community Timelock. We plan to create a proposal to register a v3-additional-grants subdomain under this domain and to store the initial text record there.

Any future proposals to initiate a new Compound III market should also update this text record.