[Gauntlet] USDC Native Comet Market to Compound Base (02/09/24)


If the Compound Community wishes to launch a native USDC comet on the Base protocol instance, here is Gauntlet’s recommendation for that market:

Risk Parameters

Parameter WETH cbETH
Liquidation Factor 90% 80%
Collateral Factor 80% 75%
Liquidation Penalty 5% 15%
Supply cap 11000 ($27M) 7500 ($19.5M)

Storefront Price Factor: 60%

Incentive Parameters

IR Curve: Same as BASE USDbC

Gauntlet will add the Comp Rewards recommendations after analyzing further market liquidity.


Great! Thank you Gauntlet for taking the lead on this. I am working with Gauntlet and the Labs team to get this new market deployed.


Gauntlet has provided Native USDC Comet’s incentive recommendations in this forum post.

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