[Gauntlet] USDC Native Comet Market to Compound Base (02/09/24)


If the Compound Community wishes to launch a native USDC comet on the Base protocol instance, here is Gauntlet’s recommendation for that market:

Risk Parameters

Parameter WETH cbETH
Liquidation Factor 90% 80%
Collateral Factor 80% 75%
Liquidation Penalty 5% 15%
Supply cap 11000 ($27M) 7500 ($19.5M)

Storefront Price Factor: 60%

Incentive Parameters

IR Curve: Same as BASE USDbC

Gauntlet will add the Comp Rewards recommendations after analyzing further market liquidity.


Great! Thank you Gauntlet for taking the lead on this. I am working with Gauntlet and the Labs team to get this new market deployed.


Gauntlet has provided Native USDC Comet’s incentive recommendations in this forum post.


The market has been deployed to base and can be found here. I plan to make the proposal initializing the market later tonight.


arr00 looking forward to gaining interest on USDC natively on Base! The big issue with USDC on ETH is definetly the fees. Unless you are in the teens-of-thousands of dollars, you’ll have to have your USDC on Compound for a long time just to be break even to gas fees on L1. There are other L2’s as well, but I feel like the one with the best UX for your everyday crypto user is Base.