Just a thought for the sake of Noobs

I like many others, started my Compound journey off through the Coinbase.com rewards program. That was what got me to also download and begin using Coinbase Wallet. Needless to say, I liked what learned and decided to try it out and so I invested some ethereum, I then unknowingly and accidently sent a CETH (Compound Etherum) transaction to my regular Compound address via the Coinbase wallet app to my Coinbase.com Compound wallet, not knowing that the transaction would not work.

Here i am months down the road and countless support tickets and self learned reading and investigating later, am left with a transaction that never completed, and Noone would evan attempt to help me with.

I would like to ask for the sake of people who are new to crypto and have had their interest piqued. Is there not something that could be implemented, be it a level system, that doesn’t allow such things to take place. Or an address identity protocol that atleast warns you that you are sending incompatible crypto to an address incapable of receiving the type that you are trying to send.

Also anyone who may be able to assist in the retrieval of my transaction. If you read this any help at all is better than none.

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@CryptoNoob this is a bummer–there is not much Coinbase can do at this time (until they support cETH). And you’re not alone–this happens frequently.

I’ll make sure to pass along your story to the Coinbase Wallet product/engineering team; maybe down the road, they can implement a feature like you’re describing.

I’m sorry this happened to you :frowning: