Lower Proposal Threshold

The reason for the high COMP threshold is to minimize the amount of sub-quality proposals right?

Lowering the threshold may increase the amount of sub-quality proposals, but at the same time, we could be preventing great improvements.

The threshold should certainly be lowered for this reason. The question is how much?

I think the answer is in how many proposals the community and COMP holders can handle (review). After all, this is just the threshold to be eligible for voting. Whether or not the proposal passes is a whole different story. Quorum is currently at 400,000 votes.

I propose we make a governance proposal to determine how many proposals voters would be happy with reviewing every week. We could make this a variable in Governor Bravo.

We then make an algorithm to programmatically adjust the minimum required to submit a proposal based on the number of proposals over the past month or so.

We’re currently at 1 proposal every 2 weeks for 2021 - much lower than I (most people?) can handle.

There have been a couple forum threads and plenty of offline discussion around this with clear support for some reduction to the proposal threshold, so we should move forward with this.

Unless there is any last minute dissent, early next week, Polychain is going to put forth the proposal initially suggested by @arr00 : reduce proposal threshold to 65,000 COMP.

Hopefully, this reduction makes the CAP process much more manageable for community contributors. I think we play it conservative and see how the 65k level plays out for a while, before considering further drops. This is likely a parameter that is much easier to reduce than increase.