Pistis. Comprehensive financial reputation to enable under-collateralized loans

GM everybody!
I’m Kirill from Pistis Score team. We are building a composable on-chain reputation based on three main data categories: DeFi, TradFi and Personal data. The core features of Pistis Score that make it a game-changer on the market:

  • Pistis already support EVM-compatible blockchains and aim to support all meaningful blockchains to collect data
  • Algorithm takes into account web2 data sources (eg Plaid) transferring the data to the blockchain
  • Protocol permanently links all addresses. accounts, social profiles to the reputation. No way to link it to another dNFT or unlink it.
  • We store the score on transferrable soulbound dNFT.
  • We have social recovery mechanism on the roadmap

Here is a litepaper with more detailed project description wiki/LITEPAPER.md at main · Pistis-score/wiki · GitHub

Would be happy to collaborate with Compound community. Any feedback is appreciated.
Thank you!

A quick update: we are proud to submit our alpha version on Chainlink hackathon. Would be happy to get your support and any feedback is appreciated Pistis Score | Devpost