Pistis. Comprehensive financial reputation to enable under-collateralized loans

GM everybody!
I’m Kirill from Pistis Score team. We are building a composable on-chain reputation based on three main data categories: DeFi, TradFi and Personal data. The core features of Pistis Score that make it a game-changer on the market:

  • Pistis already support EVM-compatible blockchains and aim to support all meaningful blockchains to collect data
  • Algorithm takes into account web2 data sources (eg Plaid) transferring the data to the blockchain
  • Protocol permanently links all addresses. accounts, social profiles to the reputation. No way to link it to another dNFT or unlink it.
  • We store the score on transferrable soulbound dNFT.
  • We have social recovery mechanism on the roadmap

Here is a litepaper with more detailed project description wiki/LITEPAPER.md at main · Pistis-score/wiki · GitHub

Would be happy to collaborate with Compound community. Any feedback is appreciated.
Thank you!

A quick update: we are proud to submit our alpha version on Chainlink hackathon. Would be happy to get your support and any feedback is appreciated Pistis Score | Devpost

I’m happy to share that Pistis was named a winner of the Chainlink Fall 2022 Hackathon in the Chainlink Top Quality Projects category. We aim to add Compound data to the dataset and train Pistis ML model using it thus we would like to propose the Community to support Pistis with 10k USD grant. In return Compound Community will get:

  • Compound will become a major DeFi data source thus the impact of Compound to the score will be significant
  • Compound logo will be shown in DeFi block to reflect the impact it has on the score
  • Pistis community members will be incentivized to join Compound community to grow their reputation
  • Compound will be able to increase the number of its services
  • Community will grow significantly in case of availability of under-collteralized loans

Thank you!

Here is an article about Pistis and our focus Pistis. An overview and our focus. | by Pistis | Dec, 2022 | Medium
Any questions are welcome!

The project sounds great, but I suppose it is not the right time to launch something related to uncollateralizion given the current market condition.

Thanks for your feedback! Under-collateralized loans is a risky niche regardless of market conditions and our goal is to assess the risks properly in any market.
We just believe in web3 and DeFi, and are confident that these domains will evolve in a long term. We also believe that building a high-quality product during the bear market will bring Pistis Community good dividends when the market turns bullish.