PizzaX <> Compound Strategic Collaboration


We propose Compound consider supporting PizzaX by their Grants program. PizzaX wishes to equip Grantors and Grantees with a robust set of tools to simplify, streamline, and increase transparency for participants in the grants process.

PizzaX is a decentralized BNB mining Rewards Pool decentralized application (Dapp) built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform offers up to 15% return on investment every day For Lifetime with PizzaX Pools.

Brief Introduction:

The PizzaX smart contract is designed to deliver high returns

PizzaX is a Lifetime Generating smart contract It gives you a cool APR for investing your money. Think of PizzaX Miner as a safe box where you put your money and it turns into something called ‘Pizza’ in the app. This project gives you back up to 15% of what you put in every day.

Miner Pools:

PizzaX offers different “flavors” (Pools) for $PizzaX, stablecoin (USDT) and BNB. What sets PizzaX apart is that it doesn’t require its own project token For the USDT and BNB pool. This means users who contribute to these pools receive returns in the currency they invested, avoiding the risk of token devaluation. Meanwhile, the major cryptocurrencies staked in these pools are shielded from significant market disruptions.

Available Flavors:

At the moment, the PizzaX protocol offers three Flavors where users can earn lifetime rewards.

$PizzaX Flavor:

In this pool, users lock up their $PizzaX tokens in the pool and receive Delicious Flavored Pizza, which can provide up to 15% daily return on investment In PizzaX token for Lifetime.

BNB Flavor:

In this pool, users lock up their BNB in the pool, which can provide up to 6% daily return on investment In BNB token for Lifetime.

USDT Flavor:

In this pool, users lock up their USDT in the pool, which can provide a 10% daily return on investment In USDT token for Lifetime.

** Specifications**

We propose Compound augment the existing grants program by integrating PizzaX for processing grant applications from members of the Compound community.

PizzaX will be able to continue disbursal of grant funds via the Compound "Grant


Hi @Px_PizzAx , thank you for your post. Compound Grants Program is currently live and you can submit your proposal for review here -

You can reach out to me (Program Manager for Compound Grants) for any questions on Compound Discord’s grants channel.

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