Where can I find data about Compounds treasury?


I’m trying to find real time data about the size of the treasury and monthly/ daily fees accrued from interest. Can somebody point me to the right place?


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This has reserves data

Also the comptroller contract holds some claimable comp in it as well



In addition to the infos you can find in Analytics in Compound Explorer (Compound: Comptroller | 0x3d9819210a31b4961b30ef54be2aed79b9c9cd3b)

You can find the score, the size or info like the Total Value Locked in the protocol, acessing: Compound | Stats, Charts and Guide | DeFi Pulse

For informations like rate of lending, historical yield or total suplly, access:

Select the pair of lending, like DAI, USDT, ETH or whatever and you can view the detailled infos, like this in DAI: