1INCH Listing Proposal [Stay Tuned]


This is a proposal for adding the 1inch token (1INCH) to Compound.


1inch Network is arguably one of the most reputable and trusted ecosystems that unites decentralized protocols whose synergy enables the most lucrative, fastest and protected operations in the DeFi space.

1INCH is an ERC-20 utility & governance token, and the 1inch Network is governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). 1inch is unique in that it provides instant governance for its users. This feature allows 1inch users to vote for specific protocol settings in the DAO model. The instant governance makes it easier for token holders to make changes to the protocol and circumnavigates many of the inefficiencies of many current DAO models.

Why 1INCH?

  1. Popularity

1INCH has been listed on Coinbase, Binance and other significant exchanges currently ranks in the top 100 of total coins by market capitalization. 1INCH has a flourishing community of over 200,000+ members across multiple online channels, as well as more than 178,000+ active wallets and 51,000+ token holders. We believe that the addition of our token to Compound will step up activity on the platform and provide a vast number of opportunities to the communities of both projects.

  1. Transparency

1INCH is an ERC-20 utility & governance token, and the 1inch Network is governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). 1inch is unique in that it provides instant governance for its users. This feature allows 1inch users to vote for specific protocol settings in the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) model.

  1. Liquidity

1INCH is at over $890M in market cap at the time of writing. It enjoys deep liquidity on both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

  1. Defi Adoption

1INCH is an active project in the Defi ecosystem and has already submitted applications to the MakerDAO and AAVE communities.

Contract information

1INCH token:


Safety & Next Steps

To ensure the safety of the Compound protocol, we must carefully manage risk. In this case, we can do this by fine-tuning the collateral factor, reserve factor, and borrowing limits for $1INCH.

1INCH Foundation would like to open up a discussion as to what the optimal initial values of these risk-related factors should be.

Once we come to a majority agreement on this, the $1INCH Foundation will create an autonomous proposal to be voted on by everyone.

So with respect to $1INCH, what do you think are optimal initial values for:

  • Collateral factor
  • Reserve factor
  • Borrowing limit

We look forward to receiving feedback from the community and moving forward with the future application, as we believe $1INCH would be a valuable addition to Compound with its reliable live price feeds, strong community interest, and sufficient market liquidity.

Learn more about 1inch and its community



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I’m supportive of this as I use 1inch.exchange almost every day.

Now there’s one thing that concerns me: 89% of the supply is held in the 1inch Foundation Multisig. Could you please point us to the outline of the tokenomics? Specifically about the distribution plan.

Other than that, 1inch is not currently supported by our price oracle so work needs to be done there. We’re using open oracles from Coinbase and OKEx which unfortunately support very few assets.

Thank you for the proposal! :slightly_smiling_face:


I support this proposal, 1inch is one of the few protocols with a true decentralized governance system in this moment.

agree support very few assets, isnt transparent and dont work well. I hope Chainlink integration will fix that


I want 1inch on the Compound Protocol!

Compound could even use 1Inch’s API for price feeds, maybe?

It would be beneficial to Compound, 1Inch’s exchange and users if there was a deeper collaboration and marketing of something totally new to DeFi the 2 teams could integrate! 1Inch and Compound could add a few cToken pools on the 1inch exchange with COMP and 1inch farming rewards! The ability to have a large enough liquidity for trading cTokens would be a gamechanger for the 1inch token and would allow 1inch users to more easily become Compound suppliers. The collaboration could also provide 1inch holders and Compound users additional 1inch token farming rewards for supplying or borrowing the 1inch token on the Compound Protocol.

1inch and Compound may even want to have an addition added to their UI’s for users who are on both platforms. Could add a COMP reward balance and claim button on 1inch. While COMP could add 1inch’s staked balance and reward claim button.

There really is sooo much 1inch and Compound could do to REALLY make a splash!!! So, PLEASE @1inchnetwork, don’t settle for just getting added to Compound’s list of assets, think outside the box and 1up the DeFi ecosystem. Do something different with staking LP-1inch-cTokens.

Just curious, if a liquidity provider adds cTokens to a pool, could you make that contract be able to accept the COMP rewards, or distribute them directly back to the LP’s COMP reward balance which is displayed at the top of the Compound app? There has to be something new 1inch/Compound could do for LP’s adding liquidity with cTokens and then staking their LP-cTokens. I just think it would be interesting to add the liquidity of Compound’s left-over supply market to 1inch’s pools. Could it reduce the gas fee to provide liquidity to Compound’s supply markets?


Why not just use 1inch’s aggregator?!? Query multiple DEXs using 1inch’s API…


Sorry, was so excited about a possible 1inch integration I didn’t hit on the key points of safety.

Initial collateral factor should be 50% or less, then possibly increase as governance sees fit and as liquidity increases. However, governance will probably want it set to 0% initially.

The reserve factor should be set to 15 - 25%.

Borrow limit should be set to 50% of supply.

Has 1inch thought about adding an initial supply to the market to boost borrowing? If so, how much? What will be done with the interest? Who will get the COMP rewards? Also, would 1inch use the minted c1inch tokens to create a pool on their platform, enabling borrowing of the 1inch token via swapping?

A while back, I was thinking about adding a pool to 1inch with cUSDC and ETH, but couldn’t provide enough liquidity to get it on the first page of the pair list. Also, I wasn’t sure what would happen to the COMP rewards. Could 1inch allow liquidity providers of cTokens the ability to claim their COMP rewards?

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