[AlphaGrowth]OKX Incentives & Major TVL Boost

1. OKX has just launched their DeFi incentives, deploying 100K ARB over the next two weeks.

The result?
A substantial $15M surge in new TVL added to the USDC market on Arbitrum in just the last 24 hours.

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2. Featured on OKX DeFi Front Page
We’re pleased to announce that we’re now listed on the OKX DeFi front page as their top recommended DeFi strategy.

Not only that but we’re also featured in 2 out of their top 10 strategies.
Check it out here:

3. USDC on Arbitrum Milestone
Our efforts are yielding significant results. The USDC market on Arbitrum has surpassed $40M in TVL, up by $17M since we initiated our campaigns.

You can track the impressive growth here:

4. VaultCraft Matches Compound Incentives
In another noteworthy development, the USDC VaultCraft auto-compounding strategy went live yesterday. VaultCraft is matching Compound’s incentives with 25,000 ARB and 416.76k oVCX.

Within just 24 hours, the vault has accrued $788K in TVL, boasting an APR of 822%. If the vault achieves beta APR rates similar to OKX, it could reach $7.6M in TVL before stabilizing at a sustainable 16% APR.

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Keep an eye out for more updates, and let’s continue to build and grow Compound!