[OKX WEB3 DEFI] Bonus Event for Compound V3 USDC Markets on Arbitrum

Dear Compound community:

OKX web3 DEFI Aggregator has already launched a bonus event for USDC markets on Arbitrum!

The campaign page can be found at: Compound Bonus Event | Web3 DeFi Campaign | OKX and Earn the USDC interest on Compound V3 | DeFi Investment on Arbitrum One | OKX

Users can also use the OKX app to participate. The $ARB token can be claimed at through OKX web3.

The Dune dashboard for the campaign can be found at: https://dune.com/okxweb3wallet/arbitrum-compoundv3-usdc-investment-and-bonus-activity-dashboard

We will also support the merkle and vaultcraft bonus mentioned here at OKX web3 defi. [AlphaGrowth] ARB LTIPP incentives distribution mechanism experiments

Users will also be able to invest in all Compound markets in one click through OKX web3 defi.

Big thx to Alpha Growth team for making this happen. We are going to have more collaboration on the way!

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Alan! you have been great to work with looking forward to seeing how this plays out!

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