Analysis on Compound Finance by PYOR

We analyzed Compound Finance and you can find it here.

Here’s what we found:

  1. What’s Compound finance
  2. V1 and V2 versions
  3. Why V3 was introduced
  4. What are the features of Compound V3.

PYOR is a blockchain analytics firm and we work with protocols by giving high-fidelity insights. We have our own data product which we use to perform analysis and deliver insights to institutions like Ribbit Capital and M31 Capital.

Compound launched v2 in 2019. Here’s how it was a major upgrade from a simple v1 version:
• Asset specific treasury contract
• Distributed accounting
• C-Ratio interest rate model

Find out how the C-Ratio interest model works and how interest rates are optimised based on supply and demand here.

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