Feedback Request - Compound v3 Analytics App

Hello Compound Community,

We are excited to share the progress on the Compound v3 Comprehensive Intelligent Analytics App, developed by the PYOR team. This initiative is part of the CGP 2.0 grant received by PYOR, and represents Milestone 3 of our journey. Detailed information regarding the grant can be found on Questbook. Please try out the app here.


The Compound v3 Analytics App is designed to cater to the specific data needs and requirements for actionable insights of each user segment - lender, borrower, and investor/traders in COMP. Our app will provide analytics availability on two dimensions:

  1. Gas and Fees Analytics: This includes data on contract-specific and loan-specific financial metrics, such as gas fees paid to interact with Comet contracts.

  2. General Analytics: This encompasses macro-level data for the protocol relevant to COMP token investors, such as active addresses, lenders/borrowers, token holders, median & average amounts borrowed/lent, fees, revenues, token incentives, and protocol reserves.

User Interface

Persona-specific analytics is a key feature of our app, with three personas identified:

  1. COMP token investor
  2. Lender
  3. Borrower

While some information elements will overlap between the personas, we have tailored the analytics shown in each persona to be relevant to the specific persona for better UX.

We also provide an option for switching between analytics for the different base assets (namely USDC and ETH).

Major Value Adds

The major value additions of our app are two-fold:

  1. Gas Fees Analytics: This feature provides detailed insights into the gas fees associated with interacting with Comet contracts. We provide a comprehensive breakdown of gas fees, showcasing historical data with function level granularity

  1. Simulator: This is a powerful tool that helps potential investors and investment managers simulate what their positions on Compound v3 would have performed like in a given time frame. Users can enter a position entry date, an exit date, and a simulation amount. The simulator then shows how the position would have performed in the time period between the entry and exit, providing a detailed breakdown of interest owed, gas fees, borrow/supply APR, etc. In essence, it provides a full round-trip, end-to-end analysis.

How it works:

Suppose, the user is in borrower mode and wants to determine their total APR for a given time period. Now, this time period is defined by an entry date (i.e. market entry above) and an exit date (i.e. market exit above), which the user would have to enter. The user would then have to provide the borrowed amount they want to simulate with, along with the collateral asset supplied. Once all of this information is entered, the simulator returns a detailed breakdown of the user’s full cycle position performance from entry to exit, including

  • Net APR for the given time period
  • Interest owed in absolute terms (i.e, in terms of the borrow asset, either USDC or ETH. In the above example, this is USDC)
  • Total gas fees incurred

Data updation

We strive to provide the latest data to the community. Currently, the data refreshes at 05:00 UTC daily, but we are looking to increase this frequency in the final version.

Request for Feedback

We are in the final stages of development and are actively seeking feedback from the community. Your insights and suggestions are invaluable to us and will help us refine the app to better serve your needs. Please share your thoughts on the features, user interface, and any other aspect of the app that you think can be improved.


We believe that the Compound v3 Analytics App will be a game-changer for all stakeholders of the Compound ecosystem. By providing detailed insights into gas fees and a simulator for end-to-end analysis, we aim to empower COMP token investors, lenders, and borrowers to make informed decisions.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to your feedback.


A lot of ETH is normally being used for leverage looping to earn more yield. Maybe some analytics on how much safe leverage can one take against cbETH and wstETH would be cool.

Hey @eth_sign thank you for the thoughtful suggestion. While a very interesting metric to analyse, “safe leverage” is quantitatively very subjective since it depends on the asset volatility and risk profile of an investor.
However, there are other data analytics tools in the Compound Community that can help you analyse metrics relevant to this. For example, Anthias has built an app that showcases the health score for each account, RiskDAO recently announced their Risk Level Index and Block Analitica has a dedicated liquidations section on their dashboard.

Concluding remarks from the PYOR team:

We have successfully completed all four milestones for our Compound v3 Analytics App as part of CGP 2.0. We outline the respective milestones below:

  1. Milestone 1: Actionable plan - doc

  2. Milestone 2: POC implementation - demo link

  3. Milestone 3: Production application

  4. Milestone 4: Addressing feedback from the community - doc

With this we conclude our efforts for this grant. It was an extremely fruitful and enriching experience for the team, and we hope we can continue to collaborate with the fantastic Compound team and community for future endeavours.

Thank you,