Anyone has any thoughts on the suggestions from DeFiCorgi.eth ?

If no changes were made to solve the mining and dump issue, we may see further tank on $Comp price.

A desperate long-term Hodler

Thanks @Mat for sharing this interesting read.
It supported my thinking that the majority of the COMP is directly sold as could be deduced from the ongoing price decline as well, couldn’t it?
Why would I want to keep COMP under the current conditions? Considering the other discussions in this forum about the actual COMP distribution and related voting power, directly shows me as a small user that there is basically no voting “power” related to it. That’s how it is. I am fine with that. No revolution planned :wink:
If I still held it, I would be hoping for the price to pick up again. What is done on a higher stratetic layer to achieve this? The article gives some suggestions and some of them are metioned at other places in the form as well, i.e., only distributing tokens to either the lending or borrowing side.
Generating more scarcity could help as well.
Where would the token price end up and when, if nothing happens?
It would be really nice to read some visionary, forward-looking posts here, why Compound will see a glorious future; given the current trends and developments. Maybe this would convince more users to hold their COMP as well. And if they do so, they could also use them for voting along the way :slight_smile:

p.s.: I am nothing more than an interested observer anyway. My cute amount of COMPs rests safely behind the official “claim COMP”-function paywall of several hundred $ - even at the moment of low gas fees. And also this has been mentioned before at other places in this forum…