co-marking / possible listing

My name is Faith, a Growth Manager with LATOKEN. We wish to propose a co-marketing opportunity for your project. Or co-marketing entails organizing a giveaway or airdrop for your project. We do the entire designs and campaign, then send the announcement to you so you could share amongst your own community while we do the same . This creates a visibility within our over 5+ million verifiable users who will come onboard to participate in the campaign and this will in turn generate trading volumes for your project, get you more users ( from our community) .
99% of the projects which we do co-marketing for end up getting listed on our exchange. What will be required of you will be a minimum budget of 700 USDT in Tokens depending on how much you wish to run the co-marketing . The rest of the requirements will be included in the form we will be sending to you. This way, you get to control the budget and all payments are made from your project to our Exchange directly. There is no personal contract address provided. We also offer listing for a very subsidized amount