Compound Developer Community Call – June 30, 9:30am PT

On June 30, at 9:30am PT, the Compound community will hold its next Developer Community Call. This will be an open discussion forum for individuals and organizations developing protocol improvement proposals or building applications and projects that integrate the protocol.

Below is the high-level agenda for the upcoming call. Note that this call belongs to the community, and as a community member you are empowered to take this call in any direction you think best benefits the community. If you wish, you may help organize it, structure its agenda, lead it, etc.

  1. Welcome: Adam will provide a brief recap of the previous call.
  2. Proposal/Project Discussions : The following community members have volunteered to discuss the proposals and projects they are working on or considering working on.
  • TylerEther - Isolated Markets
  • 0xLeo - cToken Futures Market
  • Paperclip Labs - Historical APY Dashboard
  1. Open Forum: The community may ask questions of each other, request help/resources, introduce miscellaneous ideas, etc.

If there are any other proposals, projects, or topics you’d like to add to the agenda, please post on this thread or in the Compound Discord. Everyone is welcome to participate and contribute.

Lastly, the call will be audio-recorded; the recording and written notes will be shared in this thread for anyone who can’t make it.

Hope to see you on the call tomorrow!

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Thank you to everyone who was able to join the community call! I’ve posted notes from the call below. You can also listen to a recording of the call here .

Compound Developer Community Call Notes

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Tyler Ether - Isolated Markets (starts at 1:08)

  • Tyler shared an idea that would allow the protocol to support supplying and borrowing for any type of asset, without spreading risk to other markets. This would be achieved by creating isolated market pairs, where users can only supply and borrow the specified assets in the pair. Tyler plans to spec out the architecture over the coming weeks, and will share more information on the exisiting forum thread.

0xLeo - cToken Futures Market (starts at 7:56)

  • Leo shared an overview of his grants project to develop cToken Futures Markets. The proposed cToken futures contract is an agreement to buy or sell a cToken at a fixed price at a future date, similar to an FX forward. This would allow for fixed-rate deposits and stable-rate borrowing, and can serve as a hedge instrument for traders. Leo is currently working on the project as a part of the HackMoney hackathon, and plans to build a proof of concept over the next 3 weeks. You can read more about this project on the forum post.

Paperclip Labs - Historical APY Dashboard (starts at 22:38)

  • Pluto and Cyber presented their grants project to create a dashboard for historical interest rate data. They explained that after collecting community feedback, a major area of importance was to clearly explain concepts like reserves, COMP distribution, and utilization to a non-technical audience. The dashboard allows users to see all past data on historical interest rates (including the net rate from the COMP distribution), and compare different assets on the same chart. Check out the Dashboard for yourself and provide feedback on this form.
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