Criteria for adding new token?

I’m fairly new to this kind of governance, still I’m kind of wondering why new tokens aren’t being added. I’m sure I could read up on some specific cases, but I’d like to get a general view.

What are the criteria for adding a new token? What metrics are evaluated? What qualities must the token have? Is it just a lack of governance, or a careful approach?

For example, to me it is odd that UNI exists as a blue-chip DeFi token, but MKR, AAVE, CRV, BAL aren’t present. What is keeping Compound from adding them, if anything?

I realize I’m probably triggering some sort of auto-oracle debate here, but please attempt to not go into the implementation specifics (protocol) of that debate. Also, I’m probably not familiar with all the “levers” and criteria that must exist for each separate token that would be added to the protocol, which act as safety valves.

Any help in understanding would be great :slight_smile:

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You gotta make a good argument to the community, talk to some big COMP holders, get some support, get some data, and put it to the vote. Anything is possible

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Robert Made a post on it. Check it out