Curia Delegate Platform

Key Information

  • Name: Curia
  • Delegate ENS: curia-delegates.eth
  • Delegate Address: 0x17296956b4E07Ff8931E4ff4eA06709FaB70b879
  • Forum Username: @curia
  • Telegram: @v3dao
  • Twitter: curia_gov
  • Website:

About Us
Curia Lab is a team of seasoned DAO governance researchers, data analysts, blockchain engineers, and developers. We are committed to strengthening the DAO ecosystem through specialized tools, insights, and delegate services.

Our Goal for Compound
Curia Lab shares Compound’s vision for a reliable decentralized financial future. Our goal is to bring our experience in data-driven governance to support Compound’s goal of empowering the community and its ecosystem. We strive to help create a more robust decentralized financial landscape that benefits everyone involved.

As a team deeply involved in governance research and DAO operations, we engage with various projects and DAOs such as Optimism, Safe, Arbitrum, Gnosis, etc. to improve their governance. We pledge to maintain transparency and manage any potential conflicts of interest responsibly, especially in our dealings with Compound and its community.

Waiver of Liability
By delegating to Curia for Compound governance, delegators acknowledge that Curia will participate on a best-effort basis and will not be liable for any damages related to this participation.