Draft - Long and Short form Videos

Compound III appears to have limited video coverage on platforms like YouTube and other social media channels(I am specifically taking about videos). Many of the distinct features of Compound III, such as its individualized markets, emphasis on stable coins, minimized risk exposure, and capital efficiency, can gain more attention.

Additionally, to bolster confidence in Compound, it’s crucial to highlight its notable partnerships. For instance, its association with OpenZeppelin and Gauntlet plays a pivotal role in ensuring market stability.

I’m considering creating in-depth videos featuring key contributors. These extensive pieces can then be segmented to produce targeted short clips.

After sharing this proposal with some community contributors and a couple members from Labs, the feedback was largely positive. I’m keen to garner more perspectives from the broader community and suggestions for other potential video topics.

Here are some video ideas I believe would be beneficial:

  1. Transition from Compound 2 to Compound 3: Understanding its advantages, use cases, and the current status of Compound III - With someone from Labs( can be @kevin, @adam, @Joseph or someone else )
  2. Prioritizing Security - With @cylon
  3. Market Risk Management - With @Gauntlet

For technical and community-driven content:

  1. Development within Compound - With @adam
    Note: There’s an existing high-quality video on this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjYe_5sVcTM
  2. Ideation and Securing Grants - With Questbook and domain allocators (@harsha / @ruchil / @allthecolors / @cylon )
  3. Showcasing the Achievements of Grant Recipients - With some who added a post on forums or who ever is interested (@cmrn @bendi or anyone interested. Wanted to tag more grantees, but discourse allows tagging max 10 uses :slight_smile: ). Cover the technical details also in detail as it can be useful for future grantees.

Do you think these videos be useful for overall visibility of Compound and its ecosystem?

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