ETH 2.0 Layer 2 e.g Matic Compound version

Fees on ETH are too high.
There is a need for the standard user (not the whale) to pay less gas fees.

On coinbase, there is earn campaign in which you receive 3 USDC to deposit on compound. The deposit of 3 USDC cost you more than 3 $ in ETH gas.

There is a need to reduce the cost for enable the use of lending and borrowing.
The best option identified that I identified is layer 2 ETH on Matic Network.

Is there a way to duplicate Compound on ETH layer 2 , Matic nework for example?


hope this resolve with eth 2 update

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I tried the “alleged” version of Compound on Matic - EASY Finance but it is unusable. They push their EASY token to the forefront so the condition for farming a EASY token is to become an LP on Uniswap.
I like to use Compound for simplicity because as a miner it gives me the liquidity I need when I invest in mining equipment.
Although the provision of liquidity is very necessary, other useful aspects of the project should be considered.

Is the mining fee a set constant price? I was curious why it costs over 5 to do anything with my 3 usdc from coinbase. Literally why I’m here is because im exploring. So why not just make the fee a % instead of set price

because EVM works in that way. Ethereum miners always first verify transactions from which they earn a higher fee. Someone who sends 100 ETH has no problem paying $ 5 in gas fee. Currently, Ethereum is a fee marketplace, but I hope ETH 2.0 will fix that

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Hi there, in light of the recent developments of the Matic/Polygon chain (adoption growing fast, Aave moving there), should Compound revisit this option?

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