Flashlending with Compound

Aloha everyone, Zachary Dash from Blockzero Labs here :wave: Was suggested to post here by @adam

We are currently exploring the idea of bringing “Flashlending” to Compound using the Flashstake protocol.

Essentially, this would allow you to earn up to two years’ worth of lending fees instantly and upfront-- all in one Ethereum transaction.

Ex: Instead of earning $100/day over a year, you could “Flashlend” and earn $36,500 today.

We are in the research phase to test demand for this type of product. Answering any of the questions below would be appreciated.

  1. What immediate questions/concerns do you have when seeing this?
  2. On a scale of 1-10, how likely would you be to try this?
  3. What could be added/adjusted to increase your chances of trying this?

Side note, we submitted a Flashstake Grant proposal through the https://compoundgrants.org/ website a few weeks ago but haven’t heard back. Anyone know standard wait time to hear back?

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Hi Zachary. The grants program is not currently active. There is a new group that is working on re-booting it. They do not (yet) have access to the grant applications.

Regarding the idea: What specific risks does this bring to the protocol? Has your team estimated development effort on this feature and do they think it is possible to implement? What are some specific, high level implementation details that you have in mind and can share? Why should governance vote yes on this?

I’d also be curious to hear how you view your product/protocol as differentiated from existing fixed rate projects (Element, Notional, Yield, 88mph, etc).