ETHGlobal 2023: 16 Hackathon Project Ideas

Compound Grants is sponsoring three ETHGlobal events in 2023. Each event features a hackathon and a summit with popular builders in the Ethereum community.

Hackathon sponsors are bolstering the grand prize with specific bounty prizes so participants have even more chances to win. Compound Grants will have a $5000 prize for builders that integrate Compound.

Hackathon bounty prize: $5000 USD to the single best integration of Compound III. The project must interact (smart contract or JSON RPC) with any instance of the v3 protocol or governance system, or be a supportive project specifically created for the Compound community’s use.

Compound Primer

Compound is a DeFi protocol for supplying and borrowing of supported crypto assets. Suppliers earn a varying interest rate and borrowers can borrow crypto assets against their collateral. The most recently deployed version, Compound III, is available on Ethereum, Polygon, and Arbitrum. For more technical details and contract addresses, see the Compound protocol documentation.

Compound Grants

The grants program is a grassroots organization that was funded by the protocol community through a governance vote. Compound Grants is made up of several community members working together to issue grants to projects building in the Compound ecosystem.

Applications are currently open and we hope that your project can become a grant recipient with continued progress beyond a weekend-long hackathon. To get in touch, head to the Grants channel of the Compound Discord or submit an application at

Past Hackathon Winners and Runner Up Projects

Here are some bounty winners and notable projects from ETHGlobal hackathons. All of which included the Compound protocol in their tech stack.

  • Battery — A protocol that makes negative interest loans a reality.
  • DefiHedge — A decentralized protocol for fixed-rate borrowing & interest rates
  • cChannels — A crypto “bar-tab” type of payment system that uses the Compound Protocol for interest and borrowing with ETH and DAI.
  • Atomic Ninja — An atomic Ethereum transaction batcher with a drag-and-drop user interface for aggregating various DeFi systems.
  • Medici — An interest-earning wallet for digital cash.
  • Maximus — A community owned/governed version of MakerDAO that enables supplying/borrowing with Compound.
  • tCDP — Automated movement of assets amongst DeFi protocols to avoid liquidation fears in over-collateralized borrowing.
  • Defido2 — Hardware wallet CLI that has functions for DeFi, which include supplying ETH and DAI to Compound, as well as borrowing.
  • NFWallets — A browser based wallet that enables users to utilize much of DeFi.
  • Suicide Kings — A no-loss ERC1155 game where players vote to win interest generated with Compound.

Hackathon Project Ideas Based on the Compound Grants Bounty Prize

Building a project similar to any of the following ideas can make your team eligible to win the $5000 Compound Grants bounty. This list is not exhaustive and each idea can be expanded upon.

Be sure to check with the Compound Grants team in-person or in Discord to make sure your original project idea is eligible for the bounty prize.

  1. Build a Compound Extension; ideas include collateral top-off to prevent liquidations, account alerts, directly depositing to Compound using a bank account/credit card (Compound Extensions Developer guide).
  2. Build a full stack application that sends users email and/or text message alerts when Compound Governance events occur.
  3. Build an information and data visualization dashboard for the Compound Protocol interest rates over time. There are other metrics like supplies and borrows that can be included.
  4. Build a game where NFTs are awarded to Compound users based on accomplishing certain actions; for example, receive a “First Supply” NFT for each market on Compound, that users receive if they supply to those markets.
  5. Build a marketplace for delegated borrowing limits; for example, if a user has supplied 100 USDC to Compound but has borrowed nothing, they could “sell” their available borrowing ability on a marketplace to someone else.
  6. Build a COMP delegate tracker that shows where an address’ delegates came from over time.
  7. Create a novel system that rewards participation in Compound Governance.
  8. Build a marketplace where delegates can offer rewards, or solicit payment, for representing COMP-holders in Compound Governance.
  9. Build tooling that lets users discuss, propose, or vote on governance issues through Twitter or other popular platforms for crypto users.
  10. Develop a system that makes it easier for the Compound community to coordinate governance actions; for example, where they could build a roadmap together, rather than discuss each proposal one at a time in a vacuum.
  11. Experiment with adding support for new asset types — for example, interest rate markets for NFTs, indices of tokens, or real-world assets.
  12. Develop a complementary interest rate model or mechanism that enables supplying and/or borrowing at fixed interest rates.
  13. Use account abstraction to improve the UX (e.g. gasless/subsidized txns, approve + supply in one txn).
  14. Build a simple, open source user interface with all Compound Protocol functions using Compound.js.
  15. Build a rate arbitraging product that can rebalance your supply position across chains to optimize yield.
  16. Build a Compound-powered ETH staking diversification dapp that deposits a liquid staking token to the ETH V3 market, borrows ETH, and stakes the borrowed ETH via a different minority liquid staking protocol.

Share Your Hackathon Ideas

ETHGlobal Waterloo is this week! Teams are beginning to form and project ideas are being brainstormed. The Compound team is here to help. Join us in the ETHGlobal Discord or the #grants or #development channel of the Compound Discord.

We can help out with hack ideas, use cases, UI/UX, technical questions, code, and more. Be sure to check out the Compound Documentation for developer guides, contract addresses, and code examples. The Compound Community Forum is another great resource for exploring the history, priorities, and interests of the Compound community.

Source code for projects are available in the Compound GitHub organization. Happy hacking and best of luck to the hackathon participants!