Applying for a grant? Start here

Come here to apply for a grant from Compound.

On March 12, 2021, Compound’s community approved a governance proposal to launch a grants program run by a team of eight community members. The goal for the program is simple: to fund ideas, events, and work that benefits Compound. The program was funded with 5,000 COMP, with funding coming from Compound’s treasury.

How do I apply?
There are two ways to apply for a grant: Rapid Grants and Community Grants.

  • Rapid Grants: Submit an application at
  • Community Grants: Submit an application for a grant as a thread on this forum

Which application is right for me?
If you’re applying for a Rapid Grant (<$125k), we recommend going through the private application process. It’s a faster process, so you’ll get an answer more quickly.

If you’re applying for a Community Grant ($125k+), we recommend going through the public application process by posting your application in the grants category of Compound’s forum.