COMP Contributors, Grants, Bounties, DAO

Hello, in light of the recent posts by Leshner, probing into economic research of the compound protocol does not have an efficient process in which to produce or procure quality non-CS/Blockchain research. While Gauntlet and Dharma labs and a few other firms have been able to provide significant development and blockchain research, I feel like compound has not significantly delved into developing a single, cohesive economic model in where comp farmers/ contributors and users can all agree and rely upon.

It has become incredibly apparent that the protocol is now need of better process of rewarding its contributors and those who help develop the protocol.

In the past, when a contributor wanted to claim a bounty, they would have to put the grant within the governance proposition itself. Some examples are,
“The last two calls withdraw from the cSAI reserves about $5000 worth of SAI and sends it to Arr00 as a bounty for organizing and implementing this proposal.”,
“The last two actions take 622 Sai (currently valued at $1200) from reserves and transfer them to Arr00 as a bounty for his work on this proposal.”
Now I do not see an inherent issue with asking for a grant within a governance proposal, I feel like it may be incredibly inefficient to do so.
In the past month or so, several governance proposals have passed in attempt to allow for a better framework in which to reward contributors, including,
_grantComp: An ability for Governance to pay a particular amount of COMP to a specific address.
_setContributorCompSpeed: An ability for Governance to stream a grant to a participant.
Compound Autonomous Proposal, a way for an address with over 100 COMP to deploy and slowly gain votes to pass a governance proposition.
(This can be used to regulate the “rules” and members of the team)
These contributions now allow us to create a committee, or a new DAO, like Uniswap grants, or some other as well. (Cited)
For the time being the governance should pass a resolution to stream and grant COMP towards a multisig wallet, filled with a small handful of pre-selected individuals who will oversee the grants process.
Right now, the comptroller contract has over 100,000 comp and grows at 0.148 COMP / block. How much, if not all should be transferred to the multisig for community distribution?
What kind of rules and bylaws should the team be held by?
Who should the members be on the council? Should they be elected by the CAP, or set up from the beginning proposal?
What should their budget be?
While I personally have some answers to these questions, I would love to hear some community feedback for this.

Some things that need research

Uniswap Process

Synthetix Process

Curve Finance Grants

Balancer Grants:

AAVE Grants: