Rewarding Contributors

I’d like to kick off a discussion on building some community norms on how to award people who contribute to the protocol. My opinion is that we should err towards being overly generous to contributors to help create and sustain interest in developing the protocol.

Baseline community standard:

  • I’d propose a baseline of 10 COMP to any address that submits a proposal that goes to vote
  • An additional 10 COMP to any address that submits a proposal that is approved

I think this should be the floor of what someone receives even if the proposal is just for a simple parameter change.

Proposal specific bonuses
On top of this baseline there should be proposal specific bonuses for proposals that required unique work. This could be requested by the proposer or recommended by independent members of the community

Bonuses for work not in proposals
Much work on the protocol does not result proposals and should be recognized and rewarded through periodic true ups. Examples of this would be things like, Blck’s transaction bot, Warios help with the DAI compensation proposal, etc.

Backdated rewards
To kick things off I’d like to submit a proposal to disburse rewards for work up until now. Doing that for the proposals is easy but to reward work that did not result in a proposal we will need to come up with a list. Here is my start, what else?

  • Wario’s analysis of Dai liquidation event
  • Blck’s transaction bot