Grants Committee

I have posted about this before so this will become a simplified version.

Fact: It is apparent that research must be done; economic and developmental to further the protocol’

Fact: _streamcomp & _grantcomp have been enabled for governance to reward contributors with comp

Fact: a fat stack of COMP is ready, available and growing to fund development

Solution: A team is needed to evaluate research proposals, guidelines for submissions, as well as maintaining a list of ideas and projects that can/should be done.

I suggest a team of 5, 4 community and 1 Compound members to help with the voting/allocation of bounties.

I would love to be on this team.

Maybe down the road the committee could gather enough votes to create proposals of its own, a DAO within a DAO (or maybe not)

My question is… Who would like to be part of this committee?
Who should be part of the committee?
How much should the committee give out?

I would love to know what you think…

Some comparable are Uniswap (Lechner is on the committee) and Synthetix (Spartan Council)


I support this idea. Efficient allocation of grant money for proposals is crucial to the long term success of any protocol or application.

In addition to the examples of other councils of DeFi protocols provided above, another analogy that many of us lived through was the Tezos saga, wherein the Tezos foundation amassed a billion dollar war chest while the developers who built their first wallet infrastructure had to beg the foundation for months to get basic salaries. Now comes Polkadot, with the web3 foundation, generously supporting grants for all projects building on their platform, and Polkadot has vastly eclipsed Tezos, forever.

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Grants committee is necessary. It will be great if something like this can be implemented. I do have some knowledge about the protocol and I would love to be on this team as well. Count me in for the good cause!

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I will be deploying a snapshot vote to decide on granting people comp


It would be interesting to see a team focused on this. My main question is how the team would be created

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