Proposal: CompoundExplorer - Social Media

Hello Compound family

We are crypto enthusiasts and employees from the Near Protocol ecosystem ranked 35th in terms of capitalization. We have two years of experience in this ecosystem and want to offer our social media skills.

The knowledge of the ecosystem, understanding of marketing and experience in the Near ecosystem gives us the ability to understand the market well and understand how to bring value to Compound and its projects, which is why we would like to do this.

We want to be part of the ecosystem that supports Compound on social media.

What exactly are we going to do:

β€’ We will create a Medium where we will write articles about projects receiving grants, post guides for beginners. These articles will be great content for the entire audience.
β€’ We will create a twitter where we will write educational topics, talk about the news and create high-quality infographics.
β€’ We will create a telegram channel where we will write about Proposal on the Compound forum and their features, partner projects, talk about the benefits of Compound.
β€’ We will create a telegram chat where we will discuss news, train new users from other ecosystems (for example, from NEAR) and attract the audience to other projects related to Compound.
β€’ We will be holding contests and giveaways to stimulate interest in the COMP coin

You can also get acquainted with the already existing profiles from the Near ecosystem

Twitter -
Medium - NearExplorer – Medium
Telegram channel - Telegram: Contact @NEARexplorer

Link to the forum where we were approved by Marketing DAO in NEAR Protocol.


With each subsequent month, we plan to develop more and get more KPI per month.

  • Twitter:

On average, 2-3 tweets with verified real news are published per day. To start the development of the social network, we set a goal for the month:
40+ posts
20k+ views
150+ subscribers

  • Telegram:

To start the development of the social network, we set a goal for the month:
40+ posts
12k+ views
100+ subscribers

  • Article:

We have planned to write 5 articles and present these articles to our community through our Medium.
In the next month, we plan to increase to 10 articles per month.


Once a month, we will submit reports where we will indicate all the content we have created, the number of subscribers and views, and also indicate the projects we have written about.

In the future, with the success of Compound’s activities and the support of the Compound community, we will strive to become something bigger and have an even stronger media impact. We will strive to be the center of all support for the Compound community.


Content β†’ Writing β†’ Medium β†’ $800
Social media β†’ Twitter β†’ $700
Social media β†’ Telegram β†’ $700
Contests and sweepstakes β†’ $200

In order to promote quality information about Compound by a team of experienced and close-knit crypto enthusiasts, we are asking for financial support of $2,400 per month or $2400Γ—3 = $7200 (funding for 3 months of activity to continue uninterrupted marketing)

β€’ Total: $2,400 USD per month.

@rleshner due to the fact that links are not available from this topic β†’ Applying for a grant? Start here, I am writing a proposal here.

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