Proposal: Appoint stakefish as one of Compound Chain's validators

Hi! We wanted to officially introduce ourselves to the Compound community forum. As stated on, validators will be appointed by COMP token holders, meaning the security of the Compound Chain will be in their hands. While the network is not live yet, we think it’s important to provide ample time for stakeholders to closely evaluate each validator candidate.

Project name: stakefish
Project location: Global team covering 13 different time zones (legal presence in Malta)
Project inception year: 2018
Team size: 29
Website: (available in 16 different languages)
Social media:

Networks supported: Ethereum 2.0, Chainlink, The Graph, Polkadot, Kusama, Edgeware, Centrifuge, Cosmos, Tezos, Solana, Flow, NEAR (for the full list, please visit

Total assets staked: Over $1 billion staked across networks

Our goal is to build a resilient infrastructure layer for blockchain projects of the future. With this goal in mind, we have been supporting critical Proof of Stake protocols and middleware projects from 2018 when many were in bootstrapping phases. We believe Compound Chain holds promise to become the backbone of value transfer and liquidity across multiple networks. We want to help Compound reach this vision by helping harden its core protocol.

Security setup:
We make use of multiple cloud providers across different regions. We take multiple factors into account when deciding the providers and regions, including connectivity with the rest of the network and assisting in decentralizing the validating infrastructure across the entire network.

We have 24/7 monitoring across all layers of our infrastructure. We have alerts set up for various metrics when thresholds are triggered. We also have an incident response plan, and disaster recovery plan to handle any emergency scenarios, such as chain halts and emergency upgrades.

Contributions to the ecosystem:

Other considerations:

  • We have never been slashed and have built a great reputation amongst the validator community.
  • We have presence in most major Proof of Stake protocols. Supporting new Starports would be a trivial task for us.
  • We have been on Compound Chain’s testnet from early on. We have been onboarded as one of the first external validators on the testnet.
  • We have long experience running validators for Substrate based chains like Edgeware and Centrifuge.

Next steps:
We will work closely with the Compound team to ensure Compound Chain is battle tested. Once launch is in sight, we’ll create an on-chain proposal for voting. We are happy to answer any questions and let us know if there are any additional topics that should be addressed in this post!