[Gauntlet] Base Rewards Contract Top-Up (1/31/24)

Simple Summary

Gauntlet recommends adding an additional 5,850 COMP rewards (~3 months of future runway) to the Base rewards contract.


Below is the projected runway in each chain’s rewards contract.

Chain Rewards contract COMP token holdings Daily COMP token reward distributions Remaining days of runway (not including existing claimable rewards)
Base 4,295 65 66
Polygon 5,963 69.45 85
Arbitrum 5,073 40 126
Ethereum 56,930 427.4 133

Base currently has the lowest runway at 66 days. When a chain gets to ~2 months of runway, we recommend topping up an additional 3 months worth of runway.

Next Steps

Target on-chain vote 2/5/24


On-chain proposal has been published and is now live for voting here.