[Gauntlet] Rewards Contract Top-Up for BASE, Ethereum, and Arbitrum (05/24/24)

Simple Summary

Gauntlet recommends adding additional COMP to the reward contracts of Base, Ethereum, and Arbitrum:

Chain Reward Amount
Ethereum 28,000
Base 3,600
Arbitrum 2,250


Below is the projected runway in each chain’s rewards contract.

Chain Rewards contract COMP token holdings Daily COMP token reward distributions Remaining days of runway (not including existing claimable rewards)
Polygon 8,351 23.0 363
Optimism 3,448 10.0 344
Ethereum 21,887 312.0 70
Base 2,903 40.0 72
Arbitrum 1,898 25.0 75

Base, Arbitrum, and Ethereum currently have a runway with less than 80 days. Gauntlet recommends topping up an additional 3 months’ worth of runway.

Next Steps

Target on-chain vote 5/27/24