Gauntlet Monthly Updates

September 2023


Sharing a recap of Gauntlet’s market risk management work with Compound in September 2023. See below for this past month’s work summary and a preview of what’s coming up in October.


Category Work Completed Commmentary
Quantitative Research Continuous research on Incentive Optimization for Compound’s incentive rewards

Incentives are used to bootstrap liquidity, promote growth, and facilitate decentralized governance growth.
Recommendations Executed V2 USDC Deprecation (Phase 1) and V2 Deprecation (Phase 2)

Executed Arbitrum v3 USDC reward increase

On-chain proposal for increasing WBTC supply cap on Arbitrum Native USDC comet
Daily risk simulations and stress tests.
Risk Modeling and Incentive Optimization Weekly market updates for Arbitrum USDC, Arbitrum Native USDC, Polygon USDC, Ethereum USDC, Ethereum ETH, Base USDbC, Base WETH

Risk modeling to provide insight into new market launches for Compound as well as protocol-wide initiatives. Data-driven incentive optimization to help bootstrap liquidity, promote growth and facilitate decentralized governance growth.
Feature Upgrades Launched Compound V3 Base Dashboard

Gauntlet continuously upgrades its product offering.
Risk Alerts Continued updates from our alerting platform

Risk monitoring and alerting is part of Gauntlet’s market risk management offfering.

Upcoming Selected Work

  • Proceed with phase 3 of the Compound V2 deprecation strategy
  • Revisit Polygon USDC rewards recommendations
  • Continuous monitoring of utilization levels and supply cap usage across all Compound comets
  • Continue support of community initiatives and market alerts

We are happy to answer any questions or hear any feedback from the community.