How to connect Coinbase Wallet

Hello I see 2 similar posts without a response.

I am unsure how to connect my coinbase wallet with compound. So I have clicked the “app” link in the top right corner then clicked the coinbase wallet link. This popped up the QR code but I am unsure which wallet to scan this with. I assumed I need to scan with the wallet containing a crypto I would like to add. So I traded some crypto to Dai as this is the crypto asset I would like to add but when scanning it does not recognize the wallet.

Should I trade my Dai for Compound? This seems to defeat the purpose of what I am doing. Can someone please post where in coinbase app I am supposed to scan this QR code.

Thank ya

On Compound you go “Connect Wallet” and “Coinbase Wallet”.

Then in Coinbase Wallet you go to the cogwheel (“Settings”) and under “Connections” you click “WalletLink”, which probably also says “0 Connections”. Then you scan the QR.

You should now be connected.

Also, just don’t do anything more with your assets until you are able to connect. No reason to move or swap anything until you can actually get a connection going.