I have 212.73112257 COMP tokens in YoBit. But I cant take them out!!!!!

Hi there
This is Healer and I was a Yobit.net trader back in 2018. I left cuz the market crashed back then badly.
I left all the coins in my exchange account to mature, Now if you visit YoBit.net it’s a bit old but still, there are ppl who still use it. When COMP got listed on YoBit.net, I bought some and at that time it was cheap but now it is a lot of money and I am unable to take it out into another wallet because the developer of COMP hasn’t updated the code on the YoBit Platform. That’s what I got to know from the YoBit Support.
I need support from Devs, cuz that’s a lot of money for me and I can’t lose it. I waited for years in the hope of getting my return at a good price. I am linking down all the images of whats the error is, Proof that I own that many tokens, and most importantly what support said when I asked for a withdrawal.
I hope I can get support from devs.

You own an asset with a similar name, not Compound. Feel free to learn about the Compound protocol, now that you’re here!