Where do i get support from the Compound team ?

I mistakenly sent this transaction to CompUSDT. Almost 2 years ago. Is there anyway i can get this returned to my original address. Phishing had previously noticed my post here and attempted to scam by asking for private keys to my wallet…it wasn’t going to happen.
A tragic mistake, but it remains locked. I originally transferred to Binance and they claim they cannot resolve or return.
It’s a lot for me to loose. Here is a copy and paste from Etherscan of the transaction.
This request is 100% legitimate, if anyone could offer support or advice, it would be very welcome.

Transaction Hash:





124414304444377 Block Confirmations


676 days ago (May-15-2021 09:28:02 PM +UTC)

Transaction Action:

Collect0.036704605164788479COMPFor Supplying0USDTOnCompound




Interacted With (To):

0xf650C3d88D12dB855b8bf7D11Be6C55A4e07dCC9 (Compound: cUSDT Token)

ERC-20 Tokens Transferred:

From0x32D7a3…1e7dA405To0xcF2F6a…873FA75bFor840,876.57289966$18,673.35Compound USD…(cUSDT…)


0 ETH($0.00)

Transaction Fee:

0**.**0102277307 ETH$17.76

Gas Price:

80**.3 Gwei (0.**0000000803 ETH)

I am sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation. There is no dedicated support in the Compound community. Anyone that claims to be is likely a scammer. There are only community members that try to be helpful.

This transaction looks like a transfer of tokens from one EOA to another EOA, meaning that the accounts are both not contracts. The Compound protocol’s governance system cannot recover lost tokens unless they are in a contract in which the Timelock is the admin, or any account (including EOAs) which has previously approved the Timelock to move tokens from it.

Unless you are the owner of the recipient EOA, or you know the owner of the recipient and can get them to cooperate, there is no way to recover the tokens.

Hi Adam, thank you for the reply. Appreciated.

Yes, a costly and foolish mistake.

This transfer was from my Coinbase Wallet to cUSDT. And there it remains after almost 2 years.

I contacted both Coinbase and Binance (recipient) support and both answers are ultimately the same. “Unable to recover”

I do not posses the knowledge to even begin a solo recovery journey, or how to trace and contact from sent address.

Are there alternatives or methods to track and locate the “owner” ? Also it seems i have sent Compound to an incompatible address cUSDT.

And yes, i have received scammer emails with a spoof Compound website, ultimately directing me to expose my wallet keychain to honorably retrieve the lost tokens. OK

If you have any suggestions no matter how tenuous, i would be grateful.



Might be a long shot but you can send an on chain message to the recipient and ask them to kindly send the tokens to an address that you control. It looks like they were active in the past several months.

Thanks Adam, very much appreciate the suggestion for “on chain” request as an unlikely but possible solution.

Firstly i absolutely understand you are not “support” but, having researched the “on chain” approach i believe it’s beyond my capability with zero confidence execution.

I suggest this, if i provide KYC and ID credentials to you in the hope of proving my identity, could you assist in this process ? (US Coinbase member since 2015, IRS crypto compliant, SS Number and credit rating of 806)

I completely understand this undertaking may compromise or conflict with your terms of employment / contract agreement, and that your choice to decline would be fully understood.

However, i am willing to offer a recovery assist reward of $2000. I mean this with absolute honesty and integrity.

It feels extremely difficult to write and explain without feeling this is a scam email.

I am a camera guy / shooter, worked and lived around the world and my last 7 year contract was for CBS in LA. Can also provide evidence.

To round up, if you cannot support (again totally understand) is there a link that show the steps in detail of “how to" send an “on chain” request. Or someone that you could recommend.

Apologies for extending this issue Adam



Recently the Euler protocol was exploited and millions went to an exploiter. They conversed with this exploiter via on chain messages. You can try to do the same thing with the recipient EOA, hopefully they’ll cooperate, likely not. (As seen on twitter https://twitter.com/karl_0x/status/1638252121119129600?s=20)

I’m not going to do this for you nor accept any kind of reward. Beware of strangers volunteering to do it, they’re likely scammers. You can see in a video like this how to send an on chain message. Do so at your own risk. If you decide to proceed I recommend making a new private key / account in MEW and sending a tiny bit of ETH from a cex Coinbase to try and do this. My reasoning for doing that is so that you keep your account (which I assume has more assets) safe and encapsulated away from this, so you put as little crypto assets at risk as possible. Here is an instructional video. Do as much research as you can before you try it. Best of luck. Sending Messages on Ethereum or any other EVM Chains (BSC, Polygon) with My Ether Wallet (MEW) - YouTube


Thank you Adam for the swift response.

Completely understand your reason for declining, i anticipated this call.

Appreciate the advice / update and yet another reality check of the crypto wild west.

Good luck on your journey and thanks again for the “non-support”… it was the best i could hope for.