COMP mistakenly sent to compound contract address

Dear Community,

I have mistakenly sent 9.982COMP from my Binance account to Compound’s contract address: 0xc00e94cb662c3520282e6f5717214004a7f26888


I hereby attach the screenshot of the withdrawal record of my binance account, as well as a screen record of me logging in to my binance account to prove that transaction was initiated by me.

This is not a small sum of money to me, hope theres any way to get the COMP back please. Thanks so much everyone in the community.

Screen recording:


It seems that this sum of funds is lost permanently, sorry for the loss here @wel

Unfortunately, the COMP smart contract is immutable and we can not relocate the COMP you sent to it.

This is a ideal use-case for adding a sendToken function to the Comptroller, for COMP or arbitrary tokens held in the Comptroller contract.


I made the same error, is this limitation fixed?


Thanks for you feedback

This is not a limitation. This is how ERC-20 contracts work. Sorry but your tokens are not recoverable.

Please do not post your question in multiple forum threads. A better place for this kind of question is in Discord in the support-help channel.

Do not answer direct messages in Discord because they are likely from scammers.